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RxInsurance Angel

Scanner Included Version

The RxInsurance Angel Solution

The RxLabelReader scanner device works in combination with the RxInsurance Angel application software to scan prescription bottles and convert 3D objects to sharp 2 dimensional prescription label images that may be stored on the laptop. With a signed HIPAA form, the images and data may be uploaded to the cloud for 24/7 secure storage and retrieval. This process eliminates transcribing errors that may be introduced by manually entering prescription label information. Prescription label information is then used to quickly and accurately calculate the best insurance plans that fit your client’s needs utilizing RxInsurance Angel plan selection software.

RxInsurance Angel is an invaluable tool at trade shows, in show booths, at senior seminars and individual home visits. RxInsurance Angel invokes curiosity from potential clients and becomes a conversation starter, which in turn offers you the opportunity to pursue multiple product sales. Gain the upper hand on your competitors and provide quality service to your clients that brings them back year after year. Do not lose one client to your competitors, stay up with technology and let us do the hard work for you.

RxInsurance Angel features a planetary camera accessory that allows picture taking of documents such as ACA and HIPAA forms, Insurance cards, driver’s license, and even client portraits.

The RxLabelReader™ solution integrates several patent-pending technologies developed by Meditory:

1. State-of-the-art mobile camera and lighting technologies that accurately image all medication labels directly from the container with the easy-to-use RxLabelReader™

2. Proprietary software that seamlessly “stitches” together the RxLabelReader™ images to form a single two-dimensional picture from the curved surfaces of the prescription label

3. Allows storage of label images in the cloud for later retrieval, more convenient and secure than traditional document storage

Through these proprietary technologies, RxLabelReader™ is the only solution that compiles verifiable medical prescription label data, image history files, and optional full drug compatibility analyses for all patients regardless of originating physician or pharmacy. Meditory develops and manages software and data retrieval programs from their offices in Brighton Michigan.

RxInsurance Angel

Software Only Version

It’s simple, and it’s easy  

Technology can be complex and cumbersome, but RxInsurance Angel™ is a simple, intuitive, easy to use program. Designed to be easy to learn, user friendly, and with a Support Staff dedicated to your satisfaction – finding the best Insurance plan for your client has never been this easy! 

No more guessing, no more taking hours to flip through plan formularies to determine a plan’s co-pays, premiums, and deductibles – or whether a client’s drugs are covered. RxInsurance Angel™ provides everything you’ll need at the push of a few buttons. 

Establish Credibility with Your Client 

Enter the client’s prescriptions and RxInsurance Angel™ will immediately calculate the costs for every plan you offer. By displaying all the plans available on one screen, you have the ability to show and compare all premiums, deductibles, co-pays and all the information for each plan that you can sell. With simple screens to easily compare plans, the RxInsurance Angel ™ system gives you credibility with your client. Eliminate confusion in the clients’ mind and invoke confidence in their selection of you as their agent!

Cut Down Sales Time
With concise monthly and annual cost breakdowns for each plan while factoring in premiums and deductibles, all plans are sorted from lowest to highest cost or any column you choose. This gives you and your client a clear picture of their options and makes choosing a plan easy. Don’t be left behind by other agents who see into the future, cut down your sales time and save money! The future is now, and with the high tech RxInsurance Angel ™ Software Only you can impress your clients and make your sale in significantly less time. 



For Insurance Agents Selling Medicare Part D

PLUS ONE Not-So-Secret Method for Success

Top ten actions you can take to increase your sales while maximizing your free time:

#10 – Reduce the time it takes for the client interview

#9 – Increase the number of sales appointments from initial interviews

#8 – Establish trust by using state-of-the-art technology

#7 – Show real-time evaluation of most cost-effective plan

#6 – Demonstrate understanding of the unique situation for each client

#5 – Increase your closing ratio (sales completed per number of appointments)

#4 – Reduce the number of do-overs due to calculation errors

#3 – Build greater trust by demonstrating how you keep patient information confidential

#2 – Differentiate yourself from your competitors who are less prepared

#1 – Use a system that will encourage clients to tell their friends and result in more referrals

The Not-So-Secret Method for Success can be found here.

The RxLabelReader™ is a patented hardware and proprietary software solution that supports all the of the “TOP TEN” actions you can take to increase your sales while maximizing your free time.

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