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The RxInsurance Angel Software and RxLabelReader Solution:

The RxLabelReader converts prescription labels affixed to cylindrical surfaces to flat, two dimensional sharp digital images that can be “read” and edited using OCR or Optical Character Recognition as base technology. This provides significantly increased productivity and accuracy when conducting a Medicare insurance sales presentation.

The label information is then processed by the RxInsurance Angel software to generate Medicare Advantage and Part D “best plan” comparisons on your laptop without the need for Internet connection, all data is PC based!

Prescription label images and data can be saved to the cloud using HIPAA 256 bit encryption methodology and a simple 5” x 8” signed authorization form. Agents can scan and save client data throughout the year onto the cloud with easy image view and recall capability. At the beginning of the enrollment period agents can quickly verify a client’s prescription data and therefore achieve quick renewal SALES!

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How This Helps Insurance Agents In The Field

Speeds up data entry time that every agent dislikes to spend time on. No more typing in complex drug names and dosages. will spreadsheet every PDP and MAPD carrier, but most agents only represent a few carriers. Our RxInsurance Angel software allows agents to spreadsheet all the carriers they are licensed to sell so agents can see the comparison data of only the products they represent. No WiFi? No problem, our preloaded software has the correct CMS data loaded and it is updated monthly so agents in the field always have the correct formulary information downloaded at their fingertips.

Imagine never struggling to type in drugs like "Hydrochlorothiazide" again. Our scanner will list the pill bottle drug name, dosage, quantity from the label then spreadsheet the data against the carriers each insurance agent represents. Perfect for a captive sales force that only sells for a few carriers, and just as useful for the independent agent who may sell for all the carriers in a market.

If you sell face to face, this is a useful tool to enhance your Medicare sales by setting you apart from lo-tech agents.

Introducing Meditory’s RxInsurance Angel Products & Feature Updates


So many of the FMOs, Brokers, and Agents who have seen the revolutionary RxLabelReader and ground-breaking RxInsurance Angel software love the functionality and have helped us tailor the features to meet industry-specific needs!

You asked us to create an RxInsurance Angel “Software ONLY” product -- so we've made it happen and made it affordable for everyone!

You said you needed an application that solves your problem with time consuming prescription list entry -- so we've created a solution!

You said you wanted a way to make your presentations more efficient and increase your closing ratio -- With the RxInsurance Angel program, our field tests have shown we've done that, too!

Here are our new and current RxInsurance Angel features!

    Download our new RxInsurance Angel “Software ONLY” to your PC!

12 month subscription @ $25 per month / 2 payments @ $150 ea.

Add a RxLabelReader anytime in the future for full sales automation!

No Wifi at client? site over loaded or down?

No problem, lookup all your certified plans 24/7 without Internet!

Semi-automated prescription list data entry saves you time!

Adverse reaction and double dosage notification saves lives!

USA pharmacy location database added

PDF printable reports added

Zip code entry fills in State and County automatically now

Expanded monthly cost tables per your requests

Reach our for Internet updates from your home or office

    SPECIAL OFFER: Lease* a minimum of one RxLabelReader for your office at $75 per month and get multiple “software only” licenses for additional workers/agents in your office at a 10% discount or $22.50 each/month

*24 month Lease required

Please review our updated RxInsurance Angel Video tutorial:
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    NEW RxInsurance Angel BROCHURE FLYER:

    This brochure may be customized by FMO’s and Brokers or Agents!

    Click here for the brochure


FIRST AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the large amount of data required (because you can use our system without Internet connection in the field) the download may take 15 minutes or more depending on your high speed internet capability. If you need help please call our support line at 866-208-8474


A soft copy of the instructional panels including Adverse Reactions etc. can be downloaded from our Information Center (you can print and laminate the small instructional panels yourself if you wish).

New short Video Segments are available for self-training:

Learn RXLabelReader, Cloud image storage and RxInsurance Angel Software functionality by watching short video segments of:

Installation and setup

Scanner modes

Auxiliary camera use

Image creation and review

OCR and manual semi-automatic text entry and editing

Image and data upload to sign in

Cloud account setup

Image and data view on the cloud

Image edit on the cloud

Click here for these and more videos in our Information Center


1 hour free with initial purchase of one or more RxLabelReaders. $55 per hour for additional or Software only version. Click this link to send us an email to reserve a date and time:


Want to private label the RxLabelReader? Contact